Helping start-ups and learning from them

We are passionate about technology-based start-ups. By translating disruptive technologies into innovative business models, new working methods and the commitment of start-up teams, start-ups have succeed in competing against established companies.  As an active start-up investor, we have our finger on the pulse of the times. We are committed to start-ups and help them to increase their success. With our own fund, every employee can participate in start-ups from as little as € 500.

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Our ecosystem for start-ups

Together, we take the step from start-up to successful scale-up. At the same time, we learn a lot from our collaboration. These exclusive insights into new business models and methodologies enhance the quality of our consulting services. In this way, your company also benefits.

This is how we support start-ups

Development of disruptive ideas and innovations

We contribute our knowledge of methods, our understanding of technology and our experience with business models. We think from the customer’s point of view – and, together with the founders, further develop their ideas. At the same time, we sharpen use cases, products and business models.

Access to the MRC ecosystem

We open up our network and use our industry contacts to actively promote founders in the areas of product testing, cooperation, recruiting and sales – and help scale their models.

Coaching and sparring

We provide each start-up with a liaison manager who coaches them. When sparring, we make sure that focus is not lost and can even support prototyping if necessary.

Financing growth

We are committed to courageous and innovative companies and like to be part of them. We support additional financing rounds for further growth.

Ideas sought!

We are excited about start-up teams who have brought disruptive ideas to the first MVP and can convert technology potentials into increased customer use.

Our start-up portfolio (excerpt)


Nyris is a visual search engine which enables machines to recognize images and objects in seconds. Customers can use this app as a software-as-a-service – the solution is considered best-in-class. Nyris has made it into the top 10 Forbes start-ups in Germany and won many awards in addition to the German.Venture.Award 2018.

We believe that Computer Vision as a technology has true disruption potential and will have a lasting impact on products, processes and business models in the near future. The investment will enable us to actively follow this development and gain valuable insights into technology development, current customer problems and innovative working methods

nyris website


The start-up Scoutbee operates an innovative supplier platform based on artificial intelligence. This platform makes the networking of suppliers through Big Data transparent and centralizes tendering processes.

The investment in Scoutbee helps us to better understand the value of Artificial Intelligence for platform business models along the supply chain and to make it usable for our customers in our consulting business. In the intensive exchange with Scoutbee, we benefit from each other’s specialist expertise.

scoutbee website


In many industries, online marketplaces are seen as an all-purpose weapon for distribution in the digital age. As a rule, marketplaces mediate between buyers and sellers and take a commission. Agrando drives a different model. The aim is to digitize the entire purchasing process of farmers in the area of farm inputs and animal feed. The business model is mainly aimed at advertising. The founding team has been active in this market for years and is continuously optimizing its Marketplace 2.0 model.

Here we have invested in a founding team that has understood the market requirements precisely and offers a disruptive value proposition. We are convinced that this model is also scalable in other industries.

agrando website is an Artificial Intelligence that enables employees and customers to easily control business processes by voice. With the help of open interfaces, will soon be able to be used in telephones, websites, apps and language assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Language as an interaction medium is becoming ever more important in everyday life and digital assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa have established themselves in many homes – from our point of view there is more to be done in this area. Only with an understanding of the companies and technologies behind AI can our customers optimally utilize the increase in value of such language services. That’s why we have invested in to experience the market dynamics, challenges and opportunities of an innovative AI voice service up close. website



Digitization has the potential to fundamentally change the healthcare system to focus more on the informed patient. The digital companion Mika serves this potential by providing cancer patients with free care and support during their illness, treatment and recovery. As a certified medical device, the digital companion provides personalized information, answers questions about the disease, and helps patients better manage symptoms and side effects.

Through this investment, we hope to gain insights into how digitization can help patients in the healthcare sector – and which parameters need to be met.

mika website


Kuchentratsch (translated as ‘cake gossip’) was born in 2014 in response to isolation and economic pressures often felt by older generations. The social business brings together older members of the community to bake cakes together. These cakes are then shipped nationwide to both individuals and businesses. This brings not only profits, but also a new community and purpose to the lives of these grannies and grandpas. Kuchentratsch just started producing their first cake mix, now sold by supermarkets across the country.

The social business model was crucial for MRC’s investment. In addition, there is the opportunity to create new business areas via food retailing to take the company to the next level.

Kuchentratsch website


Feedback from our start-ups

Dr. Gandolf Finke

Managing Director at Fosanis

“Mücke Roth & Company was a strong support for Fosanis GmbH early on – as an investor, but also as a sparring partner for strategic issues. We are looking forward to profiting from our experience in the healthcare sector – and to further cooperation with the entire team”.

Tobias Wagenführer

Managing Director at

“With the support of Mücke Roth & Company, we have been able to significantly expand the application areas for our digital product. Together we were able to develop new use cases for and think through new business models. The entire Mücke Roth & Company team is always on hand to help and advise us. We have already reaped the first fruits of our cooperation.”

Jonathan Bernwieser

Managing Director at Agrando

“With the support of Mücke Roth & Company, we have been able to significantly expand the application areas for our digital product. Together we were able to develop new use cases for and think through new business models. The entire Mücke Roth & Company team is always on hand to help and advise us. We have already reaped the first fruits of our cooperation.”

Gregor Stühler

Managing Director at Scoutbee

“Our range of services for farmers and land traders is meeting great interest in the market. Mücke Roth & Company plays an active role in our advisory board. With their extensive experience, they support us in ensuring that we use the right levers in sales and marketing. That’s what we call hands-on support!”

Dr. Anna Lukasson-Herzig

CEO at Nyris

“We have been fortunate to have Mücke Roth & Company on our side as an investor since the summer of 2018. Our cooperation is characterized by mutual respect and trust. We are very grateful that they let us benefit from their network and actively support our growth”.

Get to know us

You have innovative, disruptive ideas and are a self-confident founding team. MRC will coach you in the crucial early phase. As a sparring partner with an understanding of technology, methodology, industry know-how, our own start-up experience and our strong ecosystem, we make the difference for you. Do you need support to advance your ideas? Get in touch with us!