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Fiber-optic expansion in Germany has picked up considerable speed. To meet the demand for fast broadband connections, more than 150 companies are now operating in the market with their own offerings and network expansion plans, including traditional telecommunications providers, regional energy suppliers and private equity-financed specialist providers.

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Our services

Potential analysis and data expertise

Potential analysis and data expertise

Is fiber optic expansion worthwhile? At the beginning of a roll-out project, many companies ask themselves in which areas they should roll out next. We help companies to evaluate the potential of expansion areas on a data-driven basis in order to create the basis for successful, regional fiber optic marketing.


Financial planning and management

Financial planning and management

The roll-out of optical fiber and targeted marketing in roll-out areas involve numerous activities that often entail high financial outlays. Successful implementation of roll-out projects and marketing activities therefore requires dedicated financial planning and targeted management of all activities along the entire roll-out and marketing process.


Market models

Market models

We support you on the path to successful growth, both in your own fiber roll-out for your end customers or for wholesale partners and in whole-buy. The existing demand per region is assessed and optimally covered by suitable offers in order to fully exploit the potential in expansion or marketing areas.


Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing

How do you design a marketing concept that is designed for regional differences and at the same time scalable? To market fiber optics successfully, the right communication and sales strategy must be selected for each customer group in each expansion phase. To do this effectively, a personalized, manageable campaign structure is needed.


Operations and processes

Operations and processes

In addition to a dedicated marketing concept, successful customer acquisition and order processing in the telecommunications industry requires structured process chains with a high degree of digitization & automation. The processes span all activities of the fiber business and require an IT system landscape that keeps pace with regulatory and economic developments.




The structured expansion of an FTTH infrastructure is achieved through the interplay of strategic conception, targeted planning and excellent operational implementation across all network levels. Here, we provide support in establishing strategic partnerships from the backbone to the data center and in implementing efficient & networked solutions to manage complex construction projects.


Our added value

Proven track record in fiber optic infrastructure projects.

  • Team with a total of > 20 years of fiber-exclusive commercial experience.
  • Commercial responsibility for end-to-end fiber and network rollout projects for 3 business groups.
  • Set-up of holistic commercial processes.

Delivered results (examples)

  • > 600k households marketed (connected & upgraded).
  • 50+ regional campaigns. Increase in penetration rates / achievement of pre-marketing goals.
  • “Hands on” win of >50 communities for roll-out.
  • FFTH start-up “ready-for-operation” from 0 in 14 months.

Start-up way of working

  • MRC offers a well-coordinated team that takes responsibility for operational & strategic work.
  • “Hands on” & “can do” work mentality: maximum output with limited resources in a limited time frame.

End-to-end excellence

  • Extensive project expertise in commercial fiber processes.
  • Operational experience in various areas (roll-out planning & execution, ISP business modeling, sales, IT, strategy).
  • Extensive partner management experience in all areas.

Our reference projects


Fiber Optic Business Unit
Fiber Optic Business Unit

Germany’s fiber optic internet expansion is picking up speed. Just ten years ago, each individual broadband connection only accessed about 12 GB of data each month. In 2021, this number…

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Principal and Head of Fiber Business Unit

Tom is an expert in telecommunications and has led numerous projects in the fiber business in addition to stints in the telecommunications industry. Starting with business development for wholesale and open access, winning broadband tenders, CRM implementation and go-to-market of new players in the fiber market.