New Mobility Business Unit

02.03.2022 -

Market Outlook

Complexity and dynamics are increasing further.

The automotive industry is undergoing profound structural change, affecting not only the economy, but also science, politics, and society. This change is propelled by new driving technologies, increasing V2X networking & automation of vehicles, and the resulting new business models.

Traditional business models are evolving from controlled, closed ecosystems to open ecosystems with a strong focus on services in addition to the main “physical product.”

And with the high pace of development of both highly automated and autonomous driving, the need for testing space is also increasing exponentially.

Core Issues

Participants in the New Mobility ecosystem are facing an increasingly complex future of secure mobility with various challenges:

  • Which testing scenarios will be relevant for validation of highly automated & autonomous vehicles in the future? What is the role of virtual testing?
  • How will test fields need to position themselves in the future against the backdrop of autonomous driving and increasing virtual test fields?
  • How are existing business models changing and how can new business models be made economically viable?
  • How can collaborative ecosystems that include business, education, research, and politics strengthen their own innovative capacity and be made attractive for external cooperative partnerships?

Our New Mobility Team supports those affected by these changes in successfully making their individual transformations reality.

Our Core Services

Extract: Core Services

  • Market and competition analysis including derivation of concrete best practices
  • Formulation of vision, market positioning and strategic roadmap
  • Assessment of business potential & sensitivity analysis
  • Development of communication and negotiation strategies for politics & people
  • Identification of and contact with interdisciplinary partners and customers to establish a cluster structure
  • Active implementation support.

Our Added Value

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Access to the mobility ecosystem & expert validation:

  • Our extensive network ensures early-stage integration of potential business partners and increases your project’s chances of success.
  • We ensure continuous validation of our results by our network of experts from industry, teaching and research
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Global market expertise & digital competence: 

  • We have access to valuable insights into established market participant’s business models.
  • We have extensive knowledge of market-standard price levels, profit margins and cost structures.
  • Our data analytics competence allows us to evaluate competitive factors with a data-based approach.
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Implementation strength & experience

  • We are able to accompany the complete value chain—from the vision, to the business model and its profitability assessment, to planning & implementation.
  • We reflect on our approaches and are constantly evolving.
  • We’re not generalists—instead, we have dedicated partners to deliver the best result for each phase of your project.
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Always up to date


  • we’ve got our eyes on the market and the technologies, we’re familiar with the trends, and we help our customers understand their relevance.
  • We’re committed to the development of standardized testing methods and uniformly recognized standards for automated driving.
  • We invest in mobility startups to better understand the market trends and make them applicable for our customers.

Contact person: Lucas Wendel, Head of Business Unit New Mobility

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