Future-proofing mobility

Participants in the “New Mobility” ecosystem are faced with the central challenge of finding the right reactions to the profound structural change in mobility. As complexity increases, it’s becoming ever more difficult to make secure mobility economically viable. We support our customers in securing and expanding their future viability during this era of profound structural change. We’ll accompany you on your transformation journey—from conception to successful implementation.

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Our services

Target Vision

Target Vision

Succesfull change management

By defining a clear vision, you create a clear framework for future entrepreneurial action. We´ll support you on your journey to your future vision – one that´s attractive for both internal and external stakeholders.

Business model

Business model

Securing future viability

With consideration for current market developments and trends, we’ll work with you to develop a sustainable business model or analyze your existing business model and develop concrete optimization measures. Here, you’ll benefit from access to our extensive network with industrial, educational and research institutions.

Economic efficiency assessment

Economic efficiency assessment

Achieving full business potential

Are you the operator of a test or race track ore are you planning to build one? We’ll help you to develop a sound decision-making basis for your project. Here, we’ll use our extensive knowledge of market price levels, profit margins and cost structures to give you a realistic assessment of your project’s economic viability.

Customer focus

Customer focus

Maximize customer acquisition & retention

We’ll help you to better understand your target customers. Here, we’ll use our well-founded data analysis capabilities to identify your most important customers and to define appropriate value propositions and corresponding products & services.

Establishment of ecosystem structures

Establishment of ecosystem structures

Scalability & network effects

The establishment of ecosystems can be useful for increasing competitiveness. These days, we no longer view ourselves as lone fighters. We’ll support you in building your own digital ecosystem and help you select – and retain – stratgeic partners.

Stakeholder & project management

Stakeholder & project management

Effective project implementation

Successful project implementation depends on support from your stakeholders. We have experience dealing with complex stakeholder structures, e. g. agencies, politicans and citizens. We’ll work with you to develop customized, targeted communication and negotiation strategies and ensure structured project implementation.

Our added value

Access to the “Mobility Ecosystem” & expert validation

  • Our extensive network enables early-stage integration of potential business partners into your project and to increases your project’s chance of success.
  • We’ll ensure continuous validation of our results through our network of experts from industrial, educational and research institutions.

Global market expertise &
digital expertise

  • We have insights into established market participants’ business models.
  • We have extensive knowledge of market-standard price levels, profit margins and cost structures.
  • We have the expertise in data analytics for a data-based evaluation of competitive factors.

Strong implementation & experience

  • We’re able to support the entire value chain—from the vision, the business model and its profitability assessment to planning & implementation.
  • We reflect on our approaches and are constantly evolving.
  • We’re not generalists. Instead, we have dedicated partners to deliver the best result for each phase of your project.

A finger on the pulse of the times

  • We’ve got our eyes on the market and technologies, we’re familiar with the trends, and we help our customers understand their relevance.
  • We’re committed to developing standardized testing methods and uniformly recognized standards for automated driving.
  • We invest in mobility startups to better understand the market trends and make them applicable for our customers.

Our reference projects


Senior Manager & Head of New Mobility Business Unit

Lucas is an expert on everything related to autonomous driving and sustainable mobility. He views the evolution of future mobility as one of the most central tasks of our time. That’s why he pursues his work with passion and enthusiasm—and has already successfully served as a manager for the implementation numerous international projects.