Sustainable & scalable growth

For years, MRC has been supporting companies in the areas of software & cloud solutions to realize growth. In close cooperation with companies of different sizes, the focus is, among other things, on increasing marketing generated leads, leveraging up- & cross-sell potentials or increasing new customer business (direct sales & channel sales). With our network of more than 20 consultants and experts in this business field, MRC is already trusted by more than 50 companies – from hidden champions to global “hyperscalers”.

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Addressing core issues

Companies in the software & cloud solutions industry have achieved unprecedented success in recent years. Nevertheless, in our project work we repeatedly see core issues that block sustainable & scalable growth:

  • How can new customers be acquired in the whitespace?
  • How can we leverage cross-sell and up-sell potential in the existing customer base?
  • How can pricing be optimized to maximize margin and revenue?
  • How can pricing be continuously optimized and at what rate?
  • How can sales relevant leads be generated and qualified?
  • How can performance in indirect sales channels be increased?
  • How can existing product, marketing and sales teams be supplemented in the short term?
  • How can external resources be added to existing teams?
  • How can software solutions be sold to the public sector?

Our services

Campaign setup in whitespace

Campaign setup in whitespace

How can new customers be acquired in the whitespace when 95% of potential targets are not even looking for a solution?

MRC and its partner StoF! support companies in addressing the up to 95% “non-active seekers” in the whitespace by building scalable lead processes and campaign setups. In this way, we achieve a level of up to 80% Marketing Generated Leads (MGL) in new customer business for our customers. A constantly filled “top-funnel” is the result – the foundation of sustainable sales success

Data-driven up- & cross-sell potentials

Data-driven up- & cross-sell potentials

How can data-driven cross- and up-sell potentials in the business with existing customers be identified and used effectively?

MRC supports companies in identifying up- and cross-sell potentials with existing customers based on their own CRM data as well as by enriching third-party data. In addition, we define data-driven Ideal Customer Profiles for new customers. Our benchmarks show potentials of up to 30% sales increase with existing customers.

Software Pricing & Continuous Optimization

Software Pricing & Continuous Optimization

How can pricing be built and continuously optimized to maximize margin and revenue? How can a value proposition be built from it?

MRC supports companies to build up a market-validated pricing by using own tools and methods (e.g. value-price-model, conjoint) to maximize margin and revenue. Furthermore, we ensure that pricing is continuously optimized in order to be able to react to changing environmental influences. In doing so, we draw on 30 years of experience.

Lead generation & qualification

Lead generation & qualification

How can sales-relevant leads be generated and how can they be qualified without a high expenditure of resources?

MRC supports companies in maximizing the number & quality of leads in the funnel stages. Through an end-to-end process, lead scoring, nurturing & telesales qualification ensures that resources are placed on the most promising leads. In doing so, we draw on our experience with the world’s most successful software companies.



How can existing product, marketing and sales teams be supplemented with know-how and personnel at short notice in order to increase performance and output?

MRC supports companies in supplementing their own teams with know-how and personnel on short notice and flexibly. We add external service providers (e.g. telesales) or complement the teams directly. Up to 40 consultants, experts & service providers are currently supporting MRC customers as part of the respective teams.


Channel Sales & Partner Programming

Channel Sales & Partner Programming

How to build indirect sales channels to provide partners with relevant content, processes and incentives for successful sales?

MRC helps companies build partner programmatic & marketing to significantly increase channel sales performance. By introducing a Partner Journey from “Interest” to “Onboarding” to “Enablement” to “Growth” we introduce a roadmap. In doing so, MRC is trusted by the largest software companies.

B2G Sales & Marketing

B2G Sales & Marketing

How can software solutions be sold to the public sector (counties, cities, municipalities) in a scalable and predictable way?

MRC supports companies in establishing a clear customer understanding including a customer score card for the public sector (B2G), in establishing account-based sales & marketing and in significantly accelerating the sales process by providing support to customer decision makers. Our reference projects show growth potentials of up to 150% in new customer business.

Our approach

Our added value

Proven track record

With more than 50 projects for software & cloud solutions companies and a team of more than 20 consultants and experts in this business area, we have realized growth for more than two decades.

Hands-on mentality

We not only define the strategic direction, but also help to implement it. We support you in implementing lead generation processes, building campaigns and content routes, connecting call centers and implementing playbooks (direct & indirect sales).

Delivered results

  • Marketing Generated Leads increased by up to 80%.
  • Sales increase in existing customer business of 30%
  • Sales increase in new customer business of 150

End-to-end excellence

“Strategy talk is fun – execution is pain.” We make sure that the strategy also results in growth. In doing so, we take the customer team “along for the ride” (team buy-in) and make sure that implementation not only works top-down, but also cross-sectionally across all functional areas.

No “typical consultants”

Our consultants and experts do not have a black belt in Power Point, but real implementation experience. Former CxO of Microsoft, 1&1, Google, SAS, Freudenberg, etc. are among our consultants and experts.

Our reference projects


Philipp Mutschler

Manager and Head of Business Unit Software & Cloud Solutions

Philipp is an expert in business model development, sales & marketing and leads the Software & Cloud Solutions business unit. With a clear data & process view, he helps companies to significantly increase business success while making it predictable.
Philipp works with a team of over 20 consultants and experts to deliver sustainable & scalable growth for our clients. Delivered growth requires hands-on experience. Thus, the consultant and expert network consists of former Roland Berger & SKP partners as well as CxOs from Microsoft, Google, 1&1, SAS & Freudenberg, among others.