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20.11.2019 - Corporate & Career

Elena Soni-Mantel



What does MS&C mean to you?
I joined MS&C after completing my studies. I was able to evolve from a consultant to a principal and realize my private dreams at the same time as well as my professional ones. Professionally I was able to manage projects in various companies, work on various issues and finally find my place at MS&C. In my private life, I had the opportunity to travel the world using sabbaticals and dedicating myself to a new course of study. In addition to my personal development, it was exciting to see the transformation of the company: focus had changed since I had started working there. When I joined MS&C, smart home, blockchain and prototyping were not buzzwords yet. It is essential for us to constantly develop and keep up with the times. What I am particularly proud of is our unique culture, the true MS&C spirit that has remained our greatest asset despite all the changes.

What is your role and what are your responsibilities at MS&C?
Sometimes I actually ask myself: Who am I and if so how many, because at MS&C I am a chameleon. As a member of the management circle I participate in the strategic orientation of the company, as a project manager I manage teams, as a mentor I work together with my colleagues on their further development and also act as a grief box (and vice versa!). As Key Account Manager and Co-Leader of the Competence Center “Digital Key Roles” I always try to develop the best possible solution for our customers, I am the contact person for some of my colleagues and finally I am also a person who tries to give their best to projects with all the highs and lows that go with that. This mix is just right for me!

What were your personal and professional highlights of the last 2 years?
In the summer of 2018 I was accepted into the MS&C leadership circle, a milestone of which I am very proud. Not because I am the first woman in the history of MS&C to have succeeded in doing so, but because I have been able to make a difference together with our partners ever since. Another highlight for me is when short projects turn into resilient customer relationships – I enjoy developing and maintaining them. Privately, my wedding in Greece is a real highlight, which has proven to me how important structured program management is. At first I was made fun of for my Wedding Risk Matrix – but when 10 minutes before the wedding the biggest risk actually happened and the priest was absent, everyone was relieved that there was a Plan B and we could still get married.

Where do you draw your energy from for your day-to-day work of a consultant? What do you do when you are not with MS&C?
I am very lucky to have wonderful people around me in my private life. At the forefront is my crazy family that shows me which values really matter: empathy and joie de vivre. Whether a day was good or bad, there’s always a reason to dance on the tables. My husband is my Partner in Crime, we share the same passion for foreign cultures and prefer to dive into adventure together: During a sabbatical we encouraged each other to complete the highest sky dive in the world (Abel Tasman in New Zealand) and survived free camping without a tent in the Australian outback. I can also relax wonderfully on a hike in the mountains, chilling out in a hip beach bar or on extended shopping trips with my sister.


What is your ultimate consultant tip?
For all our love for slides, pitches and the other consultant tools, we should not forget that consulting is above all a people business. I always try to keep in mind what drives people on the other side, what challenges move them, and what opportunities they want to take advantage of. In this way, I have been able to master tricky situations and take a common path. It is not unusual for me to tell my colleagues that 80% of all problems in day-to-day consulting can be solved over a cup of cappuccino.

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