What Comes after Digitization? – Part 2: The Stages of Digitization

11.11.2019 - Digital Business Models & Ecosystems

Was kommt nach der Digitalisierung? Teil 2


UP OR OUT is name of the game in the post-digital era. What is the goal of the game? To participate in the growth of the future. Is the digital transformation of a company enough to win this game? No. The post-digital era is about more than being “digital”. Every company is going to be “digital” – this will be the basic prerequisite for playing along.

In order to leave your fellow players behind in the course of the game, it is necessary to expand “being digital” and develop it to its maximum potential: the self-evident, comprehensive digital orientation of the entire company. The winners of the game have already been determined: post-digital companies will own the growth of the future. But when is a company “post-digital”? How far are companies today from this goal? What moves are necessary to develop into a post-digital company?

Companies can be divided into five stages according to their degree of maturity of digitization. The individual stages reflect the maturity level of a company’s digitization, which is made up of both the skills required in a digital world and the value that digitization brings to the company.

“Beginners” are just beginning to look at the issue of digitization. Digitization does not yet provide them with systematic added value. To develop themselves further…

Katharina Mitzenheim - Mücke Sturm Company

Contact person: Katharina Mitzenheim, Project Manager
Mail. k.mitzenheim@muecke-roth.de

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