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We generate growth for our customers. Measurable and sustainable. By combining strategy and implementation. With impulses from the start-up world.

What we stand for

We generate growth for our customers. According to a simple formula: Strategy + Implementation = Growth. We bring a deep understanding of digital technologies, business models and new ways of working to our work. To ensure that a growth strategy is not only successful "on paper" but also brings measurable success, we support our customers in operational implementation and take responsibility for results. We receive innovative impulses for our work from our start-up investment portfolio.

Our services

What sets us apart

It's our belief that it's not the perfect concept, the most engaging presentation, or the most detailed data analysis that makes a project successful. It is the implementability and effectiveness of recommendations. That's why we strive to always work at eye level and in close exchange with client teams. To deliver sustainable results, it is essential that client teams make the projects their own - in line with the guiding principle "tell me and I forget, [...] involve me and I understand" (Confucius).

To the point:

We develop growth strategies and accompany their implementation "hands-on". In doing so, we take responsibility for results.  

Personally committed.

Projects are successful when consultants and clients work as a team. At eye level. Without airs and graces.


We make our clients' goals our own. We develop individual solutions to tap growth potential. With a clear view on feasibility and profitability. From entrepreneur to entrepreneur.   

Start-up experienced.

Our investment portfolio comprises 16 companies. Our consultants are active start-up investors and analyze over 300 innovative business models each year. That's how we keep our finger on the pulse of time.

Us in numbers

We have been advising our customers for 20 years. In projects, we work productively from day 1 due to our industry expertise. We stand for growth. Growth is measurable. We let ourselves be measured by the success of our projects.



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Our focus industries

Our consulting work focuses on nine industries. Here we have a particularly deep understanding of the business models, challenges and growth levers. We bring in industry best practices and benchmarks to evaluate growth potential. We receive cross-industry impulses from our start-up investments and our network of experts.

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